Welcome to Pulau Redang 热浪岛

Redang Island


Redang Island, long stretches 45 kilometers along the Terengganu coastline spread in the South China Sea and other nearby islands in 1991, was officially declared a marine park. This marine park includes nine islands, respectively is PULAU PINANG, PULAU LIMA, PULAU EKOR TEBU, PULAU LANG TENGAH, PULAU PERHENTIAN BESAR, PULAU PERHENTIAN KECIL, PULAU SUDU DARA well PULAU KAPAS.

The waters around these islands near the marine ecosystem, has a wide variety of fascinating for those who love the sea to come to the underwater world to explore and photography. Did not suffer the structure of the human destruction of coral reefs is very spectacular, SEA CUCUMBERS number found on the sea bed at the same time very alarming.

Profile & Accommodation

These islands, a total of five famous diving area, including of TANJUNG LANG and TANJONG TOKONG. Which has a variety of coral in the music waves south of the island TANJONG TOKONG package hanging hydroids and corals, as well as many SEA FANS and SEA WHIPS. The diving areas include TANJUNG GUA KAWAH, PASIR PANJANG and the BATU MAK CANTEK,.

In good weather, visibility up to 30 meters undersea. In addition, the music waves on the island also has a variety of accommodation facilities for tourists choose to holiday here. The main inn on the island has 100 rooms BERJAYA REDANG GOLF AND SPA Resort BERJAYA REDANG beach resort with 152 rooms.


Twin islands located in the edge of the music waves Island Marine Park, PULAU PERHENTIAN BESAR, and PULAU PERHENTIAN KECIL, dotted with many reefs; the gorgeous ocean floor so that visitors here to enjoy the fun of snorkeling and deep sea diving. In addition, the love of surfing, sailing, canoeing, as well as deep-sea fishing will find here is the perfect place for these water sports. Covered with virgin forest, swaying palm trees, powder-like white sand beach and the blue sea surrounded these islands are fishermen, migratory birds, as well as tourists who prefer the former package paradise.

PULAU PERHENTIAN BESAR is a perfect island, hostels, dormitories and camping area equipment for amusement weeks. The 102-room PERHENTIAN ISLAND RESORT comfortable accommodation and other facilities are also available to allow visitors to enjoy a happy holiday. Also has camping facilities in a number of relatively minor islands. For scuba diving tourists must make arrangements in advance, and the hostel.